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Social Media has certainly changed the way that businesses connect with their customers. Never before has a company been able to respond so  quickly on an individualized level.  I wanted to share my recent experience with Graco and what a great job they did responding to a concern that I had tweeted and what they did to create an even better customer experience and while building their brand identity.

My wife and I are the proud parents of a 3 month old daughter named Raelyn.  With this new addition you can imagine lots of purchases were made to prepare for her arrival.  One of the purchased made was a Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard.  This is a great item that can be used to play in, sleep in, or assist in a diaper change while you are travelling away from home.  Our first complication with the Pack and Play came when we went to “Pack” it back up into the carrying case to bring it on a short vacation.  However, my wife and brother put it together while I wasn’t home so I had no idea to take it apart or pack it up.  And of course the only instructions included were for setting it up not breaking it down.

With this inconvenience, I turned to Twitter and found GracoSupport and choose to instantly voice my idea.  Below you can see our tweets regarding the issue of packing up our Graco Pack and Play.

Okay, so not an immediate response 5 days later but a good one none the less, so I waited. In the meantime we had figured out a ‘good enough’ approach to packing up our Pack and Play and transporting it to where we needed to go.  Then, two weeks later after I had nearly forgotten I received another response.

The link is to a YouTube video breaking down the process of repacking the Pack and Play.  It was great to see a response and the video did help. And even though it took 2 weeks from the time of their response to publishing the video I was very impressed with what lengths they went to for me and others as customers.  And since social engagement is a two way street and because of the great customer service I had to give them some props.

Without a doubt, this is a great example of what social media can do for a business and building customer interaction.  Social media is now a large part of brand building through consumer engagement.  Platforms like Twitter/Facebook/etc allow businesses to better connect with customers to find out what they want and how they as a business can improve their customers user experience.

For Graco, a company that I knew absolutely nothing about prior to becoming a father they certainly did a great job addressing my concerns and making my family feel like a valued customer.  From now on every time I am making a purchase for an item for my daughter, Graco will always stand out.

Let me know about any similar experiences you have had with brands using social media.