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User experience is a critical element for any webmaster to be aware of. Providing a quality user experience especially to first time visitors is vital to ensuring repeat visits and increased traffic to your site. Using social media can improve user experience if you are doing it right. Check out my recent experience with it below.

This morning I was reading Headsmacking Tip #21 from Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz about developing better headlines for my content. It was an extremely interesting post which he concluded with a link to a blog post called Why Gawker’s Writing Better Headlines Than the Rest of the Web as another resource to check out on the subject. Being that the recommendation came from Rand and I am in the world of creating content it got my click. See what happened below upon my visit to this page.

UX Error Screenshot

As you can see, the social sharing bar is sliding down right through the middle of the article making it difficult to read. Unwilling to even attempt to read the content with this error I instead turned to social media in hopes to improve my user experience and help others avoid this problem at the same time.

Below is the tweet I sent out in addition to the response that I was surprised to receive.

Maybe I am a bit jaded by seeing businesses fail at using social media but I was surprised to see them reply. This site took the time to address the problem, admit fault, and begin working on correcting the error. Having this issue addressed and responded too made up for my poor experience for sure.

As you stop to think about the user experience that your visitors have remember to consider how you could use social media to improve their experience. Social media allows you to better connect with your audience, be more humanistic, build your brand, and quickly address business issues. Social media can improve user experience in so many ways that were not possible in the past. Connecting with businesses that handle these situations correctly is great to see.

I mean, how often does a website error lead to a blog post about how awesome you handled a poor situation?

Social media learn to do it right and your audience will thank you.