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Entrepreneurship: From Jay Z and Warren Buffet

I recently viewed a YouTube video featuring a sit down between investment mogul Warren Buffet and hip hop mogul Jay Z from the Forbes 400 Summit in November of 2010. While listening to the discussions between these two I picked up a few key takeaways that I thought...

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Top 5 Signs: You spend too much time on Facebook

In case you didn’t think you spend too much time on Facebook here is a way to find out if you are guilty and have too much free time on your hands. Your Posts include good morning or goodnight Facebook. Examples: “Good Morning FB!!” “Off to bed early long day...

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The New Social Customer Service

Social Media has certainly changed the way that businesses connect with their customers. Never before has a company been able to respond so  quickly on an individualized level.  I wanted to share my recent experience with Graco and what a great job they did responding...

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